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react dropdown component

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online example:




var Dropdown = require('rc-dropdown');
// use dropdown



name type default description
overlayClassName String additional css class of root dom node
openClassName String`${prefixCls}-open`className of trigger when dropdown is opened
prefixCls String rc-tooltip prefix class name
transitionName String dropdown menu's animation css class name
animation String part of dropdown menu's animation css class name
onVisibleChange Function call when visible is changed
visible boolean whether tooltip is visible
defaultVisible boolean whether tooltip is visible initially
overlay rc-menu rc-menu element
onOverlayClick function(e) call when overlay is clicked
minOverlayWidthMatchTrigger booleantrue (false when set alignPoint)whether overlay's width must not be less than trigger's

Note: Additional props are passed into the underlying rc-trigger component. This can be useful for example, to display the dropdown in a separate portal-driven window via the getDocument() rc-trigger prop.


npm install
npm start

Test Case

npm test
npm run chrome-test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rc-dropdown is released under the MIT license.

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