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Redux DevTools Chart Monitor

This package was merged into redux-devtools monorepo. Please refer to that repository for the latest updates, issues and pull requests.

A chart monitor for Redux DevTools.
It shows a real-time view of the store aka the current state of the app.

ūüöÄ Now with immutable-js support.

Demo (Source)

Chart Monitor


npm install --save-dev redux-devtools-chart-monitor


You can use ChartMonitor as the only monitor in your app:

import React from 'react';
import { createDevTools } from 'redux-devtools';
import ChartMonitor from 'redux-devtools-chart-monitor';

export default createDevTools(
  <ChartMonitor />

Then you can render <DevTools> to any place inside app or even into a separate popup window.

Alternatively, you can use it together with DockMonitor to make it dockable.
Consult the DockMonitor README for details of this approach.

Read how to start using Redux DevTools.



ChartMonitor props

You can read the React component propTypes in addition to the details below:

Name Description
defaultIsVisible By default, set to true.
transitionDuration By default, set to 750, in milliseconds.
heightBetweenNodesCoeff By default, set to 1.
widthBetweenNodesCoeff By default, set to 1.3.
isSorted By default, set to false.
style {
  width: '100%', height: '100%', // i.e fullscreen for DockMonitor
  text: {
    colors: {
      'default': theme.base0D,
      hover: theme.base06
  node: {
    colors: {
      'default': theme.base0B,
      collapsed: theme.base0B,
      parent: theme.base0E
    radius: 7
onClickText Function called with a reference to the clicked node as first argument when clicking on the text next to a node.
tooltipOptions {
  disabled: false,
  indentationSize: 2,
  style: {
    'background-color': theme.base06,
    'opacity': '0.7',
    'border-radius': '5px',
    'padding': '5px'
More info.

Redux DevTools props

Name Description
theme Either a string referring to one of the themes provided by redux-devtools-themes (feel free to contribute!) or a custom object of the same format. Optional. By default, set to 'nicinabox'.
invertTheme Boolean value that will invert the colors of the selected theme. Optional. By default, set to false
select A function that selects the slice of the state for DevTools to show. For example, state => state.thePart.iCare.about. Optional. By default, set to state => state.