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Resamplr is a virtual instruments and sampler community + store. Resamplr is currently running Ruby on Rails. This is an effort to port the site to a more managable language.

Why rewrite in Rust?

RoR is great - but the magic can be too much. Resamplr outgrew Rails' approaches, and maintaining the original Ruby codebase became much too cumbersome.

Resamplr's new stack also uses Elm, a reactive and functional front-end language with static typing and no runtime errors.

Why open source?

The original code is not open-sourced or "free". However, because Rust is still nascent when it comes to web, we thought it could be a valuable learning tool for the community.


Make sure you have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed.

Simply run vagrant up and then vagrant ssh. Navigate to the working directory at /vagrant/.

Note: You'll also need to run cargo install diesel_cli --no-default-features --features "postgres" as the Vagrant box accidentally omits it. This should be fixed in future versions.

To build, run just dev-build. To serve and watch for changes, instead run just dev-run.

Running without Vagrant

Because I use a Windows system, I prefer using Vagrant. However, if you don't want to use Vagrant and would rather install it yourself, you'll need a few things:

  • Postgresql and it's development libraries
  • Diesel CLI tools
  • Rust Nightly
  • NPM / Node (unfortunately)

Known problems

  • If you run into a problem where NPM won't install stuff, make sure you use the --no-bin-links flag when installing on a Windows host.


This software is currently unlicensed (Meaning we haven't yet come up with something sensible). Resamplr is a commercial project, and will require some scrutiny when selecting a license.

In the meantime, you can follow these "don't be a jerk" rules:

  • Don't clone this codebase and create a competing project
  • Don't sell this code to others or mislead others in any way
  • Do feel free to learn and steal snippets or ideas
  • Do feel free to submit pull requests and otherwise contribute