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Codebase for the tutorials on my blog
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.snippets add new vs code snippet for new blog post Mar 16, 2019
application-server-cheatsheet update readmes for new blog post Mar 24, 2019
avoid-repeating-attributes-in-jpa-entities update for avoiding repeated jpa columns Jun 19, 2018
charts-in-pdf-java-ee update deployment scripts for Open Liberty Feb 24, 2019
dynamic-sql-querying-with-pagination add additional endpoint for @QuerydslPredicate example Dec 19, 2018
embedded-messaging-engine-open-liberty update README files for the blogpost Aug 19, 2018
expose-git-information-actuator expose-git-information-actuator: remove version of jar file Jun 2, 2018
five-java-9-features add new blog post about Java 9 Apr 9, 2019
generate-documents-from-word-templates-with-docx4j-on-wildfly14 quick fix for failing Wildfly start Sep 9, 2018
graalvm-intro add service for java ee app server cheatsheet Mar 19, 2019
hello-world-jsf-2.3 update hello-world-jsf project for servlet 4.0 and HTML 5 Aug 1, 2018
improved-java-ee-productivity-with-wad fix typo Mar 2, 2019
java-ee-uploading-and-downloading-files-with-web-components update central readme Apr 13, 2019
java-ee-websockets-with-jsf update code for ws example with JSF Mar 4, 2019
jax-rs-api-rate-limiting-with-jsr-375 rename latest blog post Aug 26, 2018
jpa-integration-tests-java-ee update gitignore of java ee blog post Dec 5, 2018
jsf-simple-login-with-java-ee-security-api update jsf form based auth example for WildFly 14+ Feb 3, 2019
lazy-loading-of-jpa-attributes-with-hibernate add new blog post about lazy loading for JPA attributes Jun 24, 2018
load-testing-your-application add new code base for load testing blog post Feb 17, 2019
microprofile-jwt-keycloak-auth release new blog post Jan 10, 2019
nice-looking-jsf-apps-with-prime-faces-7 add new blog post project Apr 14, 2019
pdf-preview-react add new blog post sources Feb 10, 2019
postgres-11-stored-procedures-hibernate add example for calling sp with native JDBC statement Feb 19, 2019
rest-easy-file-uploading-and-downloading add simple upload form Apr 17, 2019
running-java-within-postgres update PL/Java howto for further instructions Mar 10, 2019
send-emails-with-sendgrid-and-spring-boot update readmes Jul 8, 2018
simple-crud-table-with-jsf-and-primefaces update READMEs Aug 6, 2018
simple-database-documentation-with-schema-spy update to run docker container detached Jan 20, 2019
spring-boot-hibernate-flyway-best-practices update links Apr 7, 2019
spring-boot-uploading-and-downloading-files-with-react update error in Sep 2, 2018
spring-boot-with-open-liberty add new codebase for Spring Boot with Open Liberty Jun 30, 2018
spring-data-postgres-fulltext-search update existing code for FTS in PostgreSQL Mar 30, 2019
testcontainers update all integration test to run in parallel Jun 10, 2018
whats-new-in-spring-boot-2.1 update readme for new blog post Nov 6, 2018
whats-new-in-spring-boot.2.2 add k8s detector Mar 31, 2019 update central readme Apr 13, 2019

Codebase for the tutorials on my blog


  • Expose git information with Spring Boot’s Actuator (Blog, Sources)
  • Write Spring Boot integration tests with a real database (Blog, Sources)
  • Avoid repeating attributes in JPA entities (Blog, Sources)
  • Lazy Loading of JPA attributes with Hibernate(Blog, Sources)
  • Deploy a Spring Boot Uber-Jar application within Open Liberty (Blog, Sources)
  • Send E-Mails with SendGrid and Spring Boot (Blog, Sources)
  • Simple CRUD table with JSF and PrimeFaces (Blog, Sources)
  • Simple JSF 2.3 Login with Java EE 8 Security API (Blog, Sources)
  • Simple JMS application with the embedded messaging engine in Open Liberty (Blog, Sources)
  • JAX-RS user-based API rate-limiting with JSR-375 (Blog, Sources)
  • Up- and download files with React and Spring Boot (Blog, Sources)
  • Generate documents from Word templates with Docx4j on Wildfly 14 (Blog, Sources)
  • Write JPA integration tests with Java EE (Blog, Sources)
  • Dynamic SQL Querying & Pagination with Querydsl and Spring Data JPA (Blog, Sources)
  • MicroProfile JWT Authentication with Keycloak and React (Blog, Sources)
  • Simple database documentation with SchemaSpy (Blog, Sources)
  • Preview PDF files with React (Blog, Sources)
  • Simple load-testing with Apache Benchmark (Blog, Sources)
  • Generate PDFs (Apache PDFBox) including Charts (XChart) with Java EE (Blog, Sources)
  • Writing PostgreSQL functions with Java using PL/Java (Blog, Sources)
  • Best Practices Flyway and Hibernate with Spring Boot (Blog, Sources)
  • Up- and downloading files with Java EE and Web Components (Blog, Sources)



  • What’s new in Spring Boot 2.1 (Blog, Sources)
  • Improved Java/Jakarta EE productivity with Adam Bien’s WAD (Watch and Deploy) (Blog, Sources)
  • 5 Java 9 Features you might not know yet (Blog, Sources)


  • #CHEATSHEET: Java/Jakarta EE application servers (Blog, Sources)
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