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My vim configuration files
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Vim Config

This is a split off of my dotfiles repo, for just the vim configuration.

This allows me to install the vim config in places where I might not need the full set of dot-files, or install the dot-files on systems that don't have vim.

Submodules and Pathogen

Most of what I have here is in the form of plugins, which (where available) are tracked as git submodules to this repository. I use Tim Pope's well-regarded Pathogen to load and manage plugins. These submodule-style plugins are under .vim/bundle.

Other People's Code

Besides Pathogen and the submodules, I also have some code in .vim/plugin taken from that is not bundled up for Pathogen usage.

My Code

At this stage, I do not have any original code in this repo, save for the contents of .vimrc (and much of that is cribbed from other sources, to be honest).

The .vimrc File

Lastly, the file .vimrc is here at the top-level. I may work on it some more in the future, in an attempt to clean it up and make it more understandable.

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