yapm is a package manager for node.js (npm fork)
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"yapm" is a package manager for node.js (npm fork)



  • improvements in package.json handling:

    • preserve formatting of package.json files
    • support for package.json5 and package.yaml files (docs, #3336, #4482).
    • if package.json or any other json document is malformed, show where the error is (#3869).
  • formatting changes:

    • logs have much more clean formatting
    • added a progress bar showing download progress (#1257)
    • better search output with github repository links
  • multiple registries support

    • registry-specific configs + security fixes
    • easier switch between different npm registries
  • semver support for packages installable from github (docs, #3014, #3328, #3442, #3511, #4527).

  • a bunch of other minor changes (docs, #4573).


# install it as a global module (maybe with sudo)
$ npm install -g yapm

# run it just as you'd run npm itself
$ yapm install whatever

# if you want to write 'npm' and hate the name change,
# you might want to use an alias (i.e. write into ~/.bashrc)
$ alias npm=yapm


Pulled from visionmedia/npm

  • Github semver support
  • Output formatting changes
  • Better search output

Pulled from npm/npm

  • Everything else, this repository is synced with upstream at least once a week