Collection of sketches for ATTiny to replace logic blocks in lunetta like circuits
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ACS-84 ATTiny84 sketches
ACS-85 ATTiny85 sketches


Collection of sketches for ATTiny to replace logic blocks. These can be used in lunetta like circuits.

Arduino Component Sketches


Create a library of Arduino sketches that can be loaded on ATTiny AVR micro controllers to use in lo-fi synth/noise circuits. Either by replacing a block of logic or creating a new type of circuit block altogether. The intent is not to create a synth on a chip, but rather to have a series of building blocks to create richer devices with an actual lower device count. Rather than write the code to tailor the circuit, these are a prewritten library of sketches that can be used to plug into your breadboard or whatever. Kinda like if you discovered a whole new series of CMOS chips like the 4000 series.

Of course, these are really 8-bit microcontroller chips with limitations such as speed, quantization and code quirks.

I am focusing on ATTiny85, 84 and 2313 for the most part. Again, these are components, not full blown synth on a chip things. But you can get a lot of sound from a minimal part count.

There are other plenty of projects out there with similar concepts. I draw inspiration from everything and hope that in some little way, someone can draw inspiration from my ramblings.

Similar works

MiniMoSynth A Formfactor and open source/open hardware design to make ATTiny Blocks. Certainly the closest to what I have here. I do not really have a consistant strategy nor a consistant input like these little blocks. Check em out.

Rad-fi System from Bleep Labs Uses Arduinos as building blocks for Synths on a breadboard. A collection of ATTiny micros with these sketches would be completely compatible with this system.

Bastl Kastle uses 2 ATTiny85s that can be programmed with other features.

Electric Druid has some AVRs and others as building blocks. For example, an LFO.




Ability to program ATTiny chips. This only requires an arduino uno, a breadboard and a handful of ATTiny85s to get started.


In some cases, a few extra parts might be needed like a small PWM filter or R2R ladder. These will be kept at a minimum unless the focus of the sketch IS an interface chip ( think optical encoder, Digital Pot controller and so on)


I have a bit of numbering system so I can halfway keep these things straight.

Numbering System

ATTiny85 sketches

Number Class Description
000-199 - Oscillators, Vco, LFO
ACS-85-0001 Oscillator Fixed squarewave oscillator with High and Low Frequencies and a Ramp
ACS-85-0002 VCO Two square wave vcos and a two tone out pin
ACS-85-0003 VCO Two Tone VCO with speed
ACS-85-0004 VCO Two Freq VCO with Range (lfo to hf)
ACS-85-0005 VCO Three Freq VCO detuned
ACS-85-0006 VCO VCO with random period
ACS-85-0007 VCO VCO with ramping period
ACS-85-0008 VCO VCO with adjustable period/vibrato
ACS-85-0010 LFO PWM Sine, tri, ramp up, ramp down
ACS-85-0011 LFO PWM Random values (like psycho)
ACS-85-0012 LFO PWM Random values 2 (like psycho)
ACS-85-0015 LFO 2 LFO
ACS-85-0020 LFO Adjustable Squarewave
ACS-85-0050 VCO PWM Sinewave VCO PWM with distortion - in progress
200-299 Envelope generators, VCA, Sample and Hold
ACS-85-0200 VCA Simple VCA - PWM - In progress
ACS-85-0201 VCA + AR Simple VCA AR Envelope - PWM - In progress
300-499 Modulation. Adders, Mixers, dividers, Multiplexers, Gates, Vibrato
ACS-85-0305 Gates Xor Gates (2)
ACS-85-0306 Gates Nand Gates (2)
ACS-85-0307 Gates Or/And gate
ACS-85-0308 Gates Pick a Gate (and/or/nand/xor)
ACS-85-0320 Counter Divide by 3,5,7,9
ACS-85-0321 Counter Divide by 2,3,4,5
ACS-85-0322 Counter Divide by N
ACS-85-0350 Modulation Harmonizer
ACS-85-0351 Modulation Detune
ACS-85-0352 Modulation Vibrato (ramp)
ACS-85-0353 Modulation Modulate LFSR
ACS-85-0360 Modulation Selectable Counter-Divider
500-699 Shift, Delay, Melody Makers, Atari Punk Console
ACS-85-0500 Component Atari Punk Console
ACS-85-0505 Component Nand synth
ACS-85-0506 Component Nand DX
ACS-85-0510 Shift Register Simple 16 bit Shift Register
ACS-85-0511 Shift Register Variable 32 bit Shift Register
ACS-85-0512 Shift Register Large 128 bit Shift Register
ACS-85-0520 Shift Register Clocked 16 bit LFSR
ACS-85-0521 Shift Register Variable speed 16 bit LFSR
ACS-85-0522 Shift Register Variable low speed 16 bit LFSR
ACS-85-0530 Component Drunk Walk
ACS-85-0550 Component Melody Maker Upper 1
ACS-85-0551 Component Melody Maker Upper 2
ACS-85-0552 Component Melody Maker Upper 3
ACS-85-0560 Component Freq sampler
ACS-85-0600 LFO - Sequencer Sequencer programmable LFO
ACS-85-0601 Sequencer 1 bit 3 Pin Sequencer with analog scene select
ACS-85-0605 Sequencer 1 bit waveform generator
700-899 Interface, Control, Midi, Visualization
ACS-85-0700 Controller Analog to Digital Decoder. Translate Analog to either 3 bits or single pins
ACS-85-0705 Controller Two pin Tap Tempo
ACS-85-0710 Controller Button Select 3 pin
ACS-85-0711 Controller Button Select 3 pin binary
900-999 Other

ATTiny84 sketches

Number Type Description
000-199 - Oscillators, Vco, LFO
ACS-84-0001 Oscillator Fixed square wave oscillator with High and Low Frequencies and a Ramp and Triangle
ACS-84-0010 Oscillator Fixed square wave oscillator with a grand assortment of beeps.
300-499 Modulation. Adders, Mixers, dividers, Multiplexers, Gates, Vibrato
ACS-84-0305 Gates Xor Array