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MARS (Machina Arte Robotum Simulans) is a cross-platform simulation and visualisation tool created for robotics research. It runs on (Ubuntu) Linux, Mac and Windows and consists of a core framework containing all main simulation components, a GUI (based on Qt), 3D visualization (using OSG) and a physics core (based on ODE. MARS is designed in a modular manner and can be used very flexibly, e.g. by running the physics simulation without visualization and GUI.

It is possible to extend MARS writing your own plugins and many plugins introducing various functionality such as HUDs or custom ground reaction forces already exist - and it's easy to write your own.



We don't yet provide binaries for MARS, thus installing it requires downloading the source and building it locally. To simplify this task, we have created a set of install scripts that will do all the work of downloading and installing dependencies, cloning the MARS repository and building for you. They have their own repository here on GitHub: PyBob for MARS installation


MARS is distributed under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL).


After MARS is installed, open a terminal (or msys shell on Windows) in your root folder and run it:

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