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R devel with ASAN / UBSAN sanitizers using clang/clang++
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R-devel SAN using Clang: R development binaries with Sanitizer support

The Writing R Extensions manual details in Section 4.3 how to check memory access. Two sections are devoted to Using the Address Sanitizer and to Using the Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer.

Both require a particularly instrumented binary of R. This repository provides a Docker container with such a binary, based on the R-devel sources.

This repository uses clang; a sibling repository uses gcc.

Note: This container must be run with docker run --cap-add SYS_PTRACE, otherwise instrumented processes fail to start due to lacking permissions. Alternatively, an instrumented process can be run with ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0, but this turns off leak detection.


This repository is part of Rocker-Org where Rocker -- Docker containers of interest for R users -- is being developed.

All this is work in progress; talk to @eddelbuettel and @cboettig about how to get involved.

Documentation is being added at the Rocker Wiki.

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