Ansible examples on using the plivo sms notification module
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Ansible SMS notification example using plivo

Sample ansible project to send SMS notification using Plivo. Plivo is a newly proposed notification module for Ansible 1.7.


  1. Ansible: Install this fork of ansible, till the module is merged upstream.
  2. Plivo API credentials: Login to your Plivo account and find it in the dashboard. If you dont have a Plivo account, register for a free trial.

The 3 Baby Steps:

  1. Clone this repository & cd into the repository:

    $ git clone
    $ cd ansible-plivo-example/

  2. Update ansible variables in file: roles/plivo_example/vars/main.yml

    • contact_number: Phone number of person to be notified
    • plivo_number: A valid phone number in your Plivo account. If you have custom sender-id enabled, this can be any phone number.
    • plivo_auth_id: Login to your plivo account and find - AUTH_ID
    • plivo_auth_token: Login to your plivo account and find - AUTH_TOKEN
  3. Run the examples using the following command:

    $ ansible-playbook -v -i ansible_hosts site.yml

Note: Plivo services are not free. The examples will send few real SMS and you may be charged for the same.