Seamless integration between Rollup and Typescript
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Seamless integration between Rollup and Typescript.


See rollup-plugin-babel.


npm install --save-dev rollup-plugin-typescript


// rollup.config.js
import typescript from 'rollup-plugin-typescript';

export default {
  entry: './main.ts',

  plugins: [

The plugin loads any compilerOptions from the tsconfig.json file by default. Passing options to the plugin directly overrides those options.

The following options are unique to rollup-plugin-typescript:

  • options.include and options.exclude (each a minimatch pattern, or array of minimatch patterns), which determine which files are transpiled by Typescript (all .ts and .tsx files by default).

  • tsconfig when set to false, ignores any options specified in the config file

  • typescript overrides TypeScript used for transpilation

TypeScript version

TypeScript 1.8.9 is used by default. Should your project require it, you can override the TypeScript version used for transpiling the sources.

  typescript: require('some-fork-of-typescript')


Emit-less types, see #28.