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OpenEmbedded Layer for ROS Applications
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classes ros2msg,ros2topic: move msg files to the main package + add ros2-topic Oct 1, 2018
conf layer.conf: Add thud to compatible layer serie Oct 1, 2018
lib/recipetool New plugin for generating catkin recipes Aug 25, 2017
licenses Added python-defusedxml recipe to fix runtime dependency. Jul 11, 2018
recipes-core/images add image for testing SDK May 5, 2018
recipes-devtools python-pyyaml: drop and use the recipe from meta-python Aug 24, 2018
recipes-extended sphinxbase: add dependency on bison-native Aug 24, 2018
recipes-ros packagegroup-ros-world: add ros2 recipes Oct 1, 2018
recipes-ros2 ament-cmake-core: Fix the dependency on ${PYTHON_PN}-pyparsing Oct 1, 2018
recipes-support/boost poco: drop recipe (resolves #377) Apr 14, 2017
scripts Add script for version check Apr 9, 2018
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore vim swp files Dec 11, 2017
.travis.yml .travis.yml: continuously check the patch files Aug 18, 2014
.yottaci.yml enable CI builds Sep 20, 2017
CONTENTS CONTENTS: adjusted to current state and tuned formatting Aug 5, 2013
COPYING.MIT adding license in preparation of going public Dec 20, 2012 Drop old text, provide links to [thud-draft] and [legacy] Jul 2, 2019


The original implementation of meta-ros for ROS 1 Indigo Igloo ( was transferred here on 2019-06-25. It is in the process of being upgraded to be able to build current ROS 1 and ROS 2 distros (Crystal Clemmys, Dashing Diademata, and eventually Melodic Morenia and Bouncy Bolson) from recipes generated by superflore and might not be usable for a little while. Please see this wiki page for details of what is being done. Draft versions of these changes are in the thud-draft branch.

The original implementation has been retained in the legacy branch.

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