Rosette API Client Library for Python
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This is the Python client binding for Rosette API.

Please check out the wiki for additional information


The Python binding requires Python 2.7+ or 3.4+ and is available through pip:

pip install rosette_api

If the version you are using is not the latest from PyPI, please check for its compatibilty with If you have an on-premise version of Rosette API server, please contact support for binding compatibility with your installation.

To check your installed version:

pip show rosette_api

Basic Usage

For help in how to call the various endpoints, please refer to the examples.

Supported Endpoints

  • categories
  • entities
  • info
  • language
  • morphology (complete, compound components, han readings, lemmas, parts of speech)
  • name deduplication
  • name similarity
  • name translation
  • ping
  • relationships
  • sentences
  • sentiment
  • syntax dependencies
  • text embedding
  • tokens
  • topics
  • transliteration


A Docker image for running the examples against the compiled source library is available on Docker Hub.

Command: docker run -e API_KEY=api-key -v "<binding root directory>:/source" rosetteapi/docker-python

Additional environment settings: -e ALT_URL=<alternative URL> -e FILENAME=<single filename>

API Documentation

See documentation

Release Notes

See wiki

Additional Information

Visit Rosette API site