NDK Port of the TF2 and TF2_ROS libraries for Android and Android NDK
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See rosjava_core readme.


Android NDK Wrapper of tf2

How to use tf2_android:

Install ROSJava using these instructions: http://wiki.ros.org/android/Tutorials/hydro/Installation%20-%20Ros%20Development%20Environment

Now chain the tf2 workspace to the android workspace:

mkdir -p ~/tf2a/src
cd ~/tf2a/src
git clone [this_repo]
cd ..
source ~/android/devel/setup.bash

Now make your own workspace: mkdir -p ~/my_app_wksp/src cd ~/my_app_wksp/src

(Run catkin_create_android_project and catkin_create_android_pkg): http://wiki.ros.org/rosjava_build_tools

cd ..

To use tf2_ros as a dependency, edit the build.gradle of your android_pkg and update depdencies to be the following:

dependencies { compile 'org.ros.tf2:tf2_ros:0.0.0-SNAPSHOT' }

Now you should be able to use the tf2 rosjava classes in your app.

Updating the NDK Lib

Advanced users only:

If for some reason you need to update the NDK lib or change the JNI interface, these are instructions for doing so. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS TO USE TF2 IN ROSJAVA. A precompiled ndk_library is already included in tf2_ros.

In some non-catkin folder, checkout the ndk_library_scripts version of this repo. Follow all of its directions and make sure that the sample app starts on your device or emulator.

Now, back in your rosjava tf2 workspace, copy the 'tf2_ndk' folder from your scripts workspace to '[this_repo]/tf2_ros/src/main/jni/tf2_ndk.'

To rebuild the library:

cd [my_workspace]
cd src/tf2_android/tf2_ros/src/main

This regenerated libs/armeabi/libtf2_ros.so for you using the jni/src files. Note that if you need to regenerate the org_ros_tf2_ros_Buffer.h file:

cd [my_workspace]
cd src/tf2_android/tf2_ros/build/classes/release
javah org.ros.tf2_ros.Buffer
cp org_ros_tf2_ros_Buffer.h ../../../src/main/jni/src/org_ros_tf2_ros_Buffer.h