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lexpr: S-expressions for Rust Build Status Codecov Rustc Version 1.32+

This repository hosts the following crates:

  • lexpr, providing the lexpr::Value type for representing S-expression data, the sexp macro to embed S-expression values into Rust code, as well as a parser and printer for S-expressions. Please refer to crate's README for more information.

  • serde-lexpr, integrating lexpr with Serde, allowing to serialize and deserialize Rust data structures to and from S-expressions.

  • lexpr-macros, an internal crate actually implementing the sexp macro. This crate should be considered an implementation detail, and not be used directly, only via the lexpr crate.


The code and documentation in the lexpr-rs git repository is free software, dual-licensed under the MIT or Apache-2.0 license, at your choosing.

The lexpr repository contains code and documentation adapted from the following projects, all licensed under the same conditions, i.e. dual-licensed under MIT or Apache-2.0 license: