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lib/rbot fixes registry for 2.3.0, bug caused by wrong #get_impl Mar 25, 2016
man [remote] removed due to security concerns Feb 21, 2014
po More outdated message in en translations Jun 3, 2011
tasks api doc: fix path in task Mar 11, 2015
test journal: introduce ensure_payload_index Jul 4, 2015
.gitattributes + tell git that *.rb files are Ruby scripts Aug 2, 2008
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COPYING updated copyright notice and authors Mar 9, 2015
COPYING.rbot updated copyright notice and authors Mar 9, 2015
ChangeLog Module\#define_structure method: define a new Struct only if doesn't … Apr 12, 2007
GPLv2 Licensing uniformity: dual-license rbot core under MIT+acknowledgemen… Apr 22, 2008
Gemfile [gemfile] add (uncommented) deps for all dbtypes Mar 6, 2014
Gemfile.lock add a gemfile Mar 5, 2014
INSTALL bit of win32 doco Jan 27, 2006 readme: point to new wiki Mar 9, 2015
REQUIREMENTS update requirements documentation Mar 6, 2014
Rakefile rake: yarn doc task Mar 9, 2015
TODO AUTHORS update. Aug 10, 2005
Usage_en.txt more packaging work Jul 27, 2005
launch_here.rb launch_here: fixed shebang Dec 6, 2013
msgmerge-wrapper.rb remove whitespace Feb 19, 2009
rbot.gemspec [remote] removed due to security concerns Feb 21, 2014
release-checklist Release checklist Jul 2, 2010
setup.rb remove whitespace Feb 19, 2009
tag-release Update versions in manpages when tagging Jul 1, 2010

Rbot - The Ruby IRC Bot

rbot is designed around a flexible plugin system and is not only easy to extend, but it already includes many useful plugins. Some of the powerful features include:

  • Runtime configuration via irc
  • Flexible authentication and permission system
  • Plugin architecture that makes writing new plugins a breeze
  • Integrated web service
  • Batteries included: plugins for rss, twitter, imdb, translations, weather, notifications, lots of games and many more (over 70 plugins included)


For more information about rbot visit our github wiki.