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Proposed design for #338

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Please consider this my entry for the Ruby Association design contest to re-design (

Highlights of this new design:

  • Look and feel that is dignified and restrained, conveying Ruby's established, leading position in the open source software world
  • New wider, more spacious layout and typography better suited to modern web browsing.
  • Uses web fonts for increased personality and pleasant reading.
  • Supports high resolution displays
  • Employs responsive CSS layout that adapts to a wide range of device viewports with special affordances for tablets and phones.
  • Tested and verified with modern desktop web browsers on Windows and OS X including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Tested and verified with mobile web browsers including Mobile Safari, Chrome and stock Android on the following mobile platforms: iOS 7, iOS 6, Android 4.3, Android 2.3.6, and Windows Phone 7.5. Also specifically tested on Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 4, Google Nexus One, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini, and Nokia Lumia 710.

This is a fully realized production-ready design that is completely implemented and works with all the existing content, features and languages. It is production-ready to the best of my personal ability, though it is possible there are cases and scenarios I've not accounted for. I'm happy to contribute additional design and compatibility work as-needed.

I hope that you enjoy this design as much as I've enjoyed making it. I use Ruby every day in my software design work and it's absolutely a joy to work with. I'm thrilled by the opportunity to contribute this design.

Attached are a few screenshots of the new design:




Typography detail

Japanese locale

iPad iOS 7

iPhone iOS 7

Nexus 4 Android 4.3

Ruby Programming Language member

cool +1

Ruby Programming Language member

@jzimdars Thanks for your application!


Looks GREAT! :sushi: :sushi: :sushi:

Ruby Programming Language member

awesome :tada:

Ruby Programming Language member


Ruby Programming Language member

Very clean.

Ruby Programming Language member

like this. :+1:

Ruby Programming Language member


Thank you for submit to our competition. I announced to selection process.

  • Selection committee is www-admin members and ruby/ admins and Matz.
  • Committee has 7 voting points.
  • Committee can vote to same design up to 7 points.
  • We’ll announce only winner.
  • Winner is announced in RubyWorld Conference at 21 Nov.

Cool. Thanks @hsbt!


looks good!

Ruby Programming Language member

@jzimdars Congratulation! you are winner of our competition. you got 29/63pts from selection committee.
We'll merge your design soon and add some fixes(i18n, RUBY to Ruby, and more...)

We appreciate to your proposal.

Thank you.


YAY! :confetti_ball: this was the best one!

Ruby Programming Language member

Congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Ruby Programming Language member

Congrats @jzimdars :clap: :clap:


Way to go, JZ! :+1:


really like .thanks .


Cool. Thanks.


Congrats @jzimdars :clap::clap:

@colszowka colszowka referenced this pull request in phoet/on_ruby

Get rid of mobile version #109



@hsbt hsbt merged commit 90c185b into ruby:master
@jzimdars jzimdars deleted the jzimdars:jzimdars-redesign branch

omedetou gozaimasu .
Nice code .

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