Powershell module as a wrapper for the REST Api in HPE G2 Metered and switched PDUs
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Powershell module as a wrapper for the REST Api in HPE G2 Metered and switched PDUs

The module currently includes four functions for working with the PDU API:

  • Get-HPEPdu
    • Get information about the PDUs connected to the system
  • Get-HPEPduLoadMeasurement
    • Get current load on the specified PDU
  • Get-HPEPduOutlet
    • Get information about outlets on the specified segments
  • Get-HPEPduOutletMeasurement
    • Get current load on the specified Outlet

A few examples on the usage:

PS C:\> Get-Command -Module HPEPduPS

CommandType     Name                                               Version    Source
-----------     ----                                               -------    ------
Function        Get-HPEPdu                                         1.0.0      HPEPduPS
Function        Get-HPEPduLoadMeasurement                          1.0.0      HPEPduPS
Function        Get-HPEPduOutlet                                   1.0.0      HPEPduPS
Function        Get-HPEPduOutletMeasurement                        1.0.0      HPEPduPS
PS C:\> Get-HPEPdu -System -Username admin
Please specify password: *********

Id Path
-- ----
1  /redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1
2  /redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/2
3  /redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/3
4  /redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/4

The functions support both username/password auth as well as a PS credential object

PS C:\> Get-HPEPdu -System -PduId 1 -Credential $cred

Core_location           :
@odata.context          : /redfish/v1/$metadata#PowerDistribution
BreakerRating           : 0
InputRating             : 16
Model                   : 230V, 16A, 11.0kVA, 50/60Hz
LoadsegmentMeasurement  : {@{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerMeasurement/LoadsegmentMeasurement}}
Core_u_position         :
@odata.type             : #PowerDistribution.1.0.0.PowerDistribution
Panel_name              :
@odata.id               : /redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1
OutletMeasurement       : {@{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerMeasurement/Loadsegment/1/OutletMeasurement}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/
                          v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerMeasurement/Loadsegment/2/OutletMeasurement}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1
                          /PowerMeasurement/Loadsegment/3/OutletMeasurement}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerMeasurement/Load
Firmware_version        : 2.0.0.C
Serial                  : CNxxxx
Id                      : 1
PartNumber              : P9S20A
DeviceType              : PowerDistributionUnit
PowerDistributionNumber : 1
Boot_version            : 2.25
Hardware_version        : HPE
Voltage                 : 240
KVARating               : 11
Power_rating            : 11,0
OutletControl           : {@{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerControl/Loadsegment/1/OutletControl}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/Power
                          Distribution/1/PowerControl/Loadsegment/2/OutletControl}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerControl/Lo
                          adsegment/3/OutletControl}, @{@odata.id=/redfish/v1/PowerDistribution/1/PowerControl/Loadsegment/4/OutletControl}...}

All functions have help functionality included

For more information about the module check out my blog post about it

Please refer to this repository for more information about the PDU Rest API.