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The Rust blog

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This is the blog of the Rust Programming Language.

It's implemented as a small static site generator, that's deployed to GitHub Pages via Travis.


To build the site locally:

> git clone
> cd
> cargo run

You could do it in release mode if you'd like, but it's pretty fast in debug.

From there, the generated HTML will be in a site directory. You can use any web server to check it out in your browser:

> cd site
> python3 -m http.server

The site is now available at

If you need to preview the site from another machine, pass the host's address via --bind. For example, if running on

> cd site
> python3 -m http.server --bind

The site is now available at

(As a short-cut: If you pass --bind, the server will be reachable at all of the host's IP addresses.)


First of all, thank you!

Like everything in Rust, the blog is licensed MIT/Apache 2.0. See the two LICENSE-* files for more details. We're also governed by the Rust Code of Conduct, see for more.

Please send pull requests to the master branch. If you're trying to do something big, please open an issue before working on it, so we can make sure that it's something that will eventually be accepted.

When writing a new blog post, keep in mind the file headers:

layout: post
title: Title of the blog post
author: Blog post author (or on behalf of which team)
release: true (to be only used for official posts about Rust releases announcements)