cannot resolve `std::net::Ipv4Addr: std::cmp::PartialEq` in scan-rules-0.2.0, Rust 1.16 beta #39825

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brson commented Feb 14, 2017
brian@ip-10-145-43-250:~/dev/rust-scan-rules⟫ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
brian@ip-10-145-43-250:~/dev/rust-scan-rules⟫ git log -1
commit 151b4d822c33dcb8a04d9fa55d1084c948e5b76d
Author: Daniel Keep <>
Date:   Mon Nov 7 16:27:19 2016 +1100

    chore: updated docs for release.
brian@ip-10-145-43-250:/mnt2/dev⟫ rustc +beta -Vv
rustc 1.16.0-beta.1 (5276ba72e 2017-01-31)
binary: rustc
commit-hash: 5276ba72e8fe13597200254447fce9cb3783c583
commit-date: 2017-01-31
host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
release: 1.16.0-beta.1
LLVM version: 3.9
brian@ip-10-145-43-250:~/dev/rust-scan-rules⟫ cargo +beta test
   Compiling scan-rules v0.2.0 (file:///mnt2/dev/rust-scan-rules)
error[E0283]: type annotations required: cannot resolve `std::net::Ipv4Addr: std::cmp::PartialEq<_>`
   --> src/scanner/std/
225 |                 Ok((v, n)) if v == $s.parse().unwrap() && n == $s.len()
    |                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
244 |     check_ipv4!("");
    |     ----------------------- in this macro invocation

warning: unused `#[macro_use]` import, #[warn(unused_imports)] on by default
  --> examples/
10 | #[macro_use] extern crate scan_rules;
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^

error: aborting due to previous error

error: Could not compile `scan-rules`.
Build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
error: build failed

Not on 1.15.

cc @DanielKeep

arielb1 commented Feb 16, 2017 edited

This is caused by an impl added in 9301e2e. T-libs XIB.

@arielb1 arielb1 added the T-libs label Feb 16, 2017

PR in question is #38464

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