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Missing unused_must_use warning for macro calls #55240

snoyberg opened this Issue Oct 21, 2018 · 0 comments


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snoyberg commented Oct 21, 2018

This code is pretty close to my original code:

use std::fmt::{Formatter, Display, self};

struct Foo;

impl Display for Foo {
    fn fmt(&self, fmt: &mut Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
        write!(fmt, "ignored result\n");

        let mut closure = || {
            write!(fmt, "not ignoring result\n")

        closure(); // also ignoring here


fn main() {
    println!("{}", Foo);

Expected: a warning on the first write! call and the call to closure about an ignored Result value.

Actual: I get the warning on the closure call, but not on the first write! call.

My best guess is that for some reason Results returned from a macro do not trigger this warning, so I came up with a smaller attempted repro. However, this shows a slightly different result:

macro_rules! err_macro {
    () => (Err(String::from("error from macro")) as Result<(), String>)

fn err_function() -> Result<(), String> {
    Err(String::from("error from function"))

fn main() {

As expected, I get a warning on the call to err_function(). I also get a warning for the macro call, in both the definition and use locations:

warning: unused `std::result::Result` which must be used
2  |     () => (Err(String::from("error from macro")) as Result<(), String>)
   |            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
11 |     err_macro!();
   |     ------------- in this macro invocation
   = note: this `Result` may be an `Err` variant, which should be handled

Perhaps the reason the write! macro doesn't generate a warning is because the its a macro being pulled in from a different library, not being defined locally.


$ rustc --version --verbose
rustc 1.31.0-nightly (96cafc53c 2018-10-09)
binary: rustc
commit-hash: 96cafc53cfc6667a03c8e77d8e0a2fc96555ff6b
commit-date: 2018-10-09
host: x86_64-apple-darwin
release: 1.31.0-nightly
LLVM version: 8.0
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