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`-> impl Fn()` fails with closures used as `FnMut` but actually Fn #59022

mtak- opened this Issue Mar 8, 2019 · 1 comment


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mtak- commented Mar 8, 2019

It's clear that the closure could implement Fn, but for some reason this code does not compile.

fn constrain<F: FnMut()>(f: F) -> F {

pub fn foo() -> impl Fn() { // works if FnMut
    constrain(|| {})


error[E0277]: expected a `std::ops::Fn<()>` closure, found `[closure@src/ 6:20]`
 --> src/
5 | pub fn foo() -> impl Fn() { // works if FnMut
  |                 ^^^^^^^^^ expected an `Fn<()>` closure, found `[closure@src/ 6:20]`
  = help: the trait `std::ops::Fn<()>` is not implemented for `[closure@src/ 6:20]`
  = note: wrap the `[closure@src/ 6:20]` in a closure with no arguments: `|| { /* code */ }
  = note: the return type of a function must have a statically known size

This bit someone at our company who's relatively new to rust while trying to return a std::iter::Map<.., impl Fn(..)->..>. The Iterator::map function appears to have the same effect as constrain.


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cuviper commented Mar 14, 2019

I can reproduce this without impl Fn, just by constraining it different ways:

fn constrain_mut<F: FnMut()>(f: F) -> F { f }
fn constrain<F: Fn()>(f: F) -> F { f }

fn main() {
    // This is fine:
    constrain_mut(constrain(|| {}));
    // This complains that `Fn` is not implemented:
    constrain(constrain_mut(|| {}));

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