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Potential clash between an existing ID and the randomly generated ID #21

gamov opened this Issue · 3 comments

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this is more a concern than an issue.

I'm wondering what happens if the ID generated by:
var new_id = new Date().getTime();
content = content.replace(regexp, new_id);
end up being an existing record id in the DB. Wouldn't it be mistakenly erased by this new record?


That's a good question. I believe it will update the items in the existing record assuming they belong_to the same parent record. I forget if adding alpha characters into a new id will cause any problems. If not it may be worth keeping the new_ prefix that it replaces.

The ID is very large and like I said I think it has to match the same parent, so the chances of there being a conflict are very slim. Still would be nice to fix though.


prefix new record ids with new_ to ensure there's no conflict with existing records - closed by c3e667f

@ryanb ryanb closed this

Excellent idea, that's nice to see Rails handling this nicely

@dima4p dima4p referenced this issue from a commit in dima4p/nested_form
@ryanb prefix new record ids with new_ to ensure there's no conflict with ex…
…isting records - closes #21
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