Command-line tile downloader/assembler for IIIF endpoints/manifests
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Command-line tile downloader/assembler for IIIF endpoints/manifests.

Download full-resolution image sequences from any IIIF server.

See also: dzi-dl



bundle install
bundle exec ./iiif-dl.rb --help

Usage: iiif-dl.rb [options] [iiif-manifest.json]
    -f, --force-tiling               Don't attempt full-size downloads without tiling
    -i, --identifier IDENTIFIER      Download single IIIF identifier IDENTIFIER instead of image sequence from manifest JSON
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

bundle exec ./iiif-dl.rb iiif-manifest.json
bundle exec ./iiif-dl.rb -i

You can download an IIIF manifest from e.g. the Digital Bodleian:

Digital Bodleian IIIF manifest download

Alternately, if you have PhantomJS installed, you can use jsonreqs.js to list all URLs ending in .json requested by a given webpage URL:

phantomjs jsonreqs.js ''

In single-identifier mode, you pass the URL of an IIIF identifier, i.e. what /info.json would be appended to in order to make an Image Information Request.