My vim configuration. Complete with plugin goodness.
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My .vim configuration

Here be dragons. I periodically walk my configuration file and fix things that aren't working for me and/or try to better optimize my development environment. As humans, we're generally terrible about it since we're resistant to change. If that doesn't suit you, you've been warned. On the flip, if this does suit you, it means you'll have an amazing dev editing environment.

People have asked why I don't use Vundle. I totally would if you could map to a particular git commit/hash, but it doesn't look like you can. Unfortunately, I enjoy explicit dependency management.



  • Added python-mode
  • Added vim-template


  • Updated all plugins to latest
  • Added vim-autoformat
  • Added vim-erl
  • Added vim-go
  • Added vim-mutiple-cursors
  • Added vim-over
  • Added vim-speeddating
  • Added vimproc



  • Updated plugins
  • Added vim-indent-guides
  • Changed scratch buffer from <Leader>s to <Leader>sb


  • Added vim-easymotion
  • Changed zoomwin from <Leader><Leader> to <Leader>w


  • Migrated from ack -> the silver searcher


  • Migrated from snipmate -> ultisnips (still waiting to see what will happen to snipmate snippets)
  • Switched from command-t -> ctrlp

Quick Setup


curl -o - | bash

Note If you already have this installed, the installation script will instead just pull instead of update.


Just pass "UNINSTALL" to the script.


Shortcut Action
jk/kj ESC in insert mode
; :
<TAB> %
dc Diff of current buffer
dp Patch of current buffer
<Leader>f Start an Ack search
<Leader>h/l Next/prev in jumplist
<Leader>G Private gist (assuming you complete the github api install)
<Leader>n Toggle NERDTreeTabs
<Leader>num Toggle Numbers.vim (relative/absolute)
<Leader>o (or bv) Toggle BufExplorer
<Leader>p Ctrl-P
<Leader>pb Load up current buffer into Hammer
<Leader>sb Open scratch buffer in split window
<Leader>tag Generate ctags
<Leader>tl Toggle Taglist
<Leader>u Toggle gundo
<Leader>w Toggle the current window
<Leader>ws Clean whitespace
<Leader>x Show TODOs in its own buffer
<Leader>Y Bring up the YankRing
<Leader><Leader> Toggle vim-easymotion


Here are the plugins I use on the daily. They are pretty amazing. :D