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RuckZuck for Intune

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RuckZuck for Intune

RuckZuck for Intune is a standalone tool to create Intune Win32Lob Applications from the RuckZuck Repository.

What it does:

  • Connect Intune by using Graph API to check for outdated RuckZuck-Applications
  • User can select Applictions to create...
  • download the required Files to %TEMP%\{ContentID}
  • (Install Nuget Module if missing)
  • (Install AzureAD PowerShell Module if missing)
  • (download IntuneWinAppUtil.exe from to %TEMP%\intunewin)
  • extract PowerShell script to upload App (Script is based on to %TEMP%\intunewin
  • generate install.ps1, uninstall.ps1, detection.ps1, requirements.ps1 and logo.png in %TEMP%\{ContentID}
  • run IntuneWinAppUtil.exe to generate *.intunewin File in %TEMP%\intunewin
  • run PowerShell to create and upload Application in Intune.

This is a preview release, please provide feedback if you have some issues...

Things to know

  • Run this tool on a clean client (no Software). Otherwise it can happen that the tool will generate an Application to update existing Versions (e.g. for AdobeReader)
  • The "notes" field in Intune is required to store required information to detect updates. Do not clean or modify this data.
  • PowerShell is used for PreReq check, Detection, Install and uninstall. The Applications will not work if PowerShell is restricted.
  • PowerShell 5.1 is a PreRequisite on all Clients

Known Issues

  • You have to "Run as Admin" for the first use (to install nuget and AzureAD module)
  • AzureAD Token from the first Login is not forwarded to the PowerShell-Script, so you may have to logon again
  • Dependencies are not created in Intune, you have to do this manually.
  • Some apps can have issues with the requirement rules. If you get a "requirements not met" message in CompanyPortal, just define your own requirement rules in Intune...
  • PreRequisite Apps are generate multiple times in Intune as the tool does not check if the App already exists
  • AdobeReader DC and AdobeReader DC MUI do expect to have a previous Version of AdobeReader installed.
  • Sometimes the SW has a status Failed in CompanyPortal but SW is installed. If you retry, the installation state switches to Installed
  • PowerShell limitations in Windows Sandbox (1909+)


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