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Crawls web pages and prints any link it can find.


  • fast html SAX-parser (powered by x/net/html)
  • js/css lexical parsers (powered by tdewolff/parse) - extract api endpoints from js code and url() properties
  • small (below 1500 SLOC), idiomatic, 100% test covered codebase
  • grabs most of useful resources urls (pics, videos, audios, forms, etc...)
  • found urls are streamed to stdout and guranteed to be unique (with fragments omitted)
  • scan depth (limited by starting host and path, by default - 0) can be configured
  • can be polite - crawl rules and sitemaps from robots.txt
  • brute mode - scan html comments for urls (this can lead to bogus results)
  • make use of HTTP_PROXY / HTTPS_PROXY environment values + handles proxy auth (use HTTP_PROXY="socks5://" crawley for socks5)
  • directory-only scan mode (aka fast-scan)
  • user-defined cookies, in curl-compatible format (i.e. -cookie "ONE=1; TWO=2" -cookie "ITS=ME" -cookie @cookie-file)
  • user-defined headers, same as curl: -header "ONE: 1" -header "TWO: 2" -header @headers-file
  • tag filter - allow to specify tags to crawl for (single: -tag a -tag form, multiple: -tag a,form, or mixed)
  • url ignore - allow to ignore urls with matched substrings from crawling (i.e.: -ignore logout)
  • subdomains support - allow depth crawling for subdomains as well (e.g. crawley will be able to crawl


# print all links from first page:

# print all js files and api endpoints:
crawley -depth -1 -tag script -js

# print all endpoints from js:
crawley -js

# download all png images from site:
crawley -depth -1 -tag img | grep '\.png$' | wget -i -

# fast directory traversal:
crawley -headless -delay 0 -depth -1 -dirs only


  • binaries / deb / rpm for Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Windows.
  • archlinux you can use your favourite AUR helper to install it, e. g. paru -S crawley-bin.


crawley [flags] url

possible flags with default values:

    scan all known sources (js/css/...)
    scan html comments
-cookie value
    extra cookies for request, can be used multiple times, accept files with '@'-prefix
    scan css for urls
-delay duration
    per-request delay (0 - disable) (default 150ms)
-depth int
    scan depth (set -1 for unlimited)
-dirs string
    policy for non-resource urls: show / hide / only (default "show")
-header value
    extra headers for request, can be used multiple times, accept files with '@'-prefix
    disable pre-flight HEAD requests
-ignore value
    patterns (in urls) to be ignored in crawl process
    scan js code for endpoints
-proxy-auth string
    credentials for proxy: user:password
-robots string
    policy for robots.txt: ignore / crawl / respect (default "ignore")
    suppress info and error messages in stderr
    skip ssl verification
    support subdomains (e.g. if found, recurse over it)
-tag value
    tags filter, single or comma-separated tag names
-timeout duration
    request timeout (min: 1 second, max: 10 minutes) (default 5s)
-user-agent string
    user-agent string
    show version
-workers int
      number of workers (default - number of CPU cores)

flags autocompletion

Crawley can handle flags autocompletion in bash and zsh via complete:

complete -C "/full-path-to/bin/crawley" crawley


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