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collection of code snippets to assist working on cocalc
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CoCalc Snippets

A collection of code snippet examples to assist working on CoCalc → read more.


The source files are in /src and are processed via the Python file.

Usually, just running make in the main directory is enough to see if the changes did work.

The output is a unified examples.json file, which can be used by other tools -- right now that's CoCalc.


All examples are collected in .yaml files. The structure of a file is to specify

  1. meta-information of a sequence of example yaml docs. A file starts with them, and there can be additional meta-information documents (which replace the previous one):
  • language: likely python, sage, r, gap, …
  • category and sub-category, either as an array of strings or a string with / delimiter,
  • common setup code (optionally)
  • variables: a map to initialize variables
  • a sortweight to override lexicographic sorting. (e.g. to place "Introduction" categories at the top)
  1. After a category specification, the entries for the examples are made of
  • title, description and code,
  • Optionally, a field test, which could either be a doc-test (in case it is a string) or false. In the latter case, it signals any testing framework to skip this test.


language: sage
category: Mathematics / Introduction
sortweight: -1
title: Introduction
descr: |
    SageMath is an advanced Python-based environment for mathematics.
    With that foundation, it is also suited for scientific computing,
    statistics, and data analysis.

    Run `version()` to see which version of Sage you're currently working with.
code: |
title: Pitfalls
descr: |
    There is a blurry line between using SageMath and programming.
    Function calls are always `function_name(...)` with round brackets, too.
code: |
    # TODO: fix this expression
    sqrt [ (4 + x) (2 - x) ]
test: false



to test the src/sage subdirectory:

make LANG=sage test

To speed things up and skip restarting the kernel (could give false positives, but syntax errors are always triggered)

make LANG=sage MODE=fast test

Testing testing

The target make testtest runs the test/ subdirectory. It's purpose is to confirm that breaking tests show up properly and the examples are read correctly.


When used as a submodule, one suitable magic git commands to update all submodules is

git submodule foreach "git fetch origin; git checkout master; git reset --hard origin/master"



SageMath, Inc.


Code: Apache 2.0

Data: Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) (more detailed information is in the header of the files in /src)

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