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🗺️ An interactive (mobile first) map of the National Mall (Washington, D.C)
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The National Stroll

Table of Contents


The National Stroll was built to help people explore the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in an easy and convenient way by using an interactive map with summarized information and location of all the main monuments and memorials in the nation's capital.

The website is fully responsive (built with mobile first in mind) to allow exploring and learning on the go.

What I Used

The National Stroll was created using HTML5, CSS3, Materialize CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Leaflet JS (utilizing GeoJSON) and the Wikipedia API.


The National Stroll Screenshot



Future development

  • Add the user current location on the map.
  • Add a list of all existing POIs.
  • Add option to mark visited landmarks.
  • Add search functionality to the map.
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