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Convert any SVG 1.1 path to gcode for a pen plotter, laser engraver, etc.



cargo run --release -- examples/Vanderbilt_Commodores_logo.svg --off 'M4' --on 'M5' -o out.gcode

Vanderbilt Commodores Logo

Output, rendered at

cat out.gcode

Vanderbilt Commodores Logo Gcode

Real-world use on a Prusa Mini+

A Prusa Mini+ was set up with a pen plotter attachment. The Vanderbilt_Commodores_logo.svg and moore.svg examples were plotted on the same page.

cargo run --release -- --begin 'G0 Z10 G28 M201 X1250 Y1250 Z400 M203 X400 Y400 Z24 M205 X8.00 Y8.00 Z2.00 M107 G0 Z10 G0 X0 Y0 G0 Z1' --end 'G0 Z10' --on 'G0 Z1' --off 'G0 Z3' --origin 0,34 examples/Vanderbilt_Commodores_logo.svg -o out.gcode --feedrate 3000

Pen plotter attachment on the 3D printer

Resulting plotted image

FAQ / Interesting details

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