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Build Status

Some supercollider ugens ported to max-msp (v>6.19 - 32 + 64 bit) the focus lies on the noisier ones. Ports by Stephen Lumenta.

  • gendys
  • dusts
  • noises
  • lfnoises

All credits are due to the original authors (James McCartney et alt.). these are merely ports to max/msp and might be helpful. Helptext is taken directly from the original supercollider helpfiles. If you haven't done so, check out supercollider as well. It is a really nice language for sound.

Use the issue tracker for bug reports or other issues.


  • latest version mac

Drop the sc-max folder somewhere in your max-search-path for projects.

Older versions:

If you're looking for an older unmaintained (32 bit only) version:

Compilation Prerequisites

To build the externals in this package you will need some form of compiler support on your system.

  • On the Mac this means Xcode (you can get from the App Store for free).
  • On Windows this most likely means some version of Visual Studio (the free versions should work fine).

You will also need to install CMake.


  1. Get the code from Github, or download a zip and unpack it into a folder.
  2. In the Terminal or Console app of your choice, change directories (cd) into the folder you created in step 0.
  3. mkdir build to create a folder with your various build files
  4. cd build to put yourself into that folder
  5. Now you can generate the projects for your choosen build environment:


You can build on the command line using Makefiles, or you can generate an Xcode project and use the GUI to build.

  • Xcode: Run cmake -G Xcode .. and then run cmake --build . or open the Xcode project from this "build" folder and use the GUI.
  • Make: Run cmake .. and then run cmake --build . or make. Note that the Xcode project is preferrable because it is able substitute values for e.g. the Info.plist files in your builds.


The exact command line you use will depend on what version of Visual Studio you have installed. You can run cmake --help to get a list of the options available. Assuming some version of Visual Studio 2013, the commands to generate the projects will look like this:

  • 32 bit: cmake -G "Visual Studio 12" ..
  • 64 bit: cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" -DWIN64:Bool=True ..

Having generated the projects, you can now build by opening the .sln file in the build folder with the Visual Studio app (just double-click the .sln file) or you can build on the command line like this:

cmake --build . --config Release


All SuperCollider code and sc-max are licensed under the gpl http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html