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Welcome to the Scala 2 bug tracker!

This is the right place to report a bug or a minor shortcoming in the Scala 2 compiler, standard library, or language specification.

Where is Scala 3?

At lampepfl/dotty.

No questions, please

If you're not certain your issue is a bug, please ask about it elsewhere first:

No feature requests, please

To keep this tracker focused, we ask that feature requests and discussion of potential language changes take place in the language design category on our contributors forum.

How to report a bug

Thank you for finding a bug. We're sorry for the trouble it caused!

Before opening an issue here, please:

  1. do a search to make sure it hasn't already been reported
  2. use a small, self-contained snippet of Scala code to illustrate what happened, and contrast with what you expected the compiler to say or the library to do;
  3. include the Scala version(s) you've tried, and the version of the JVM you're using.

A bug report without a small, self-contained code snippet is much less likely to receive attention.

Want to help?

Looking for tickets needing attention? Check out these labels:

Support for contributors

We are happy to help you with your contribution via:


This repo is separate from scala/scala because we wanted to preserve the issue numbers from our previous bug trackers, but those numbers conflicted with the pull-request numbers in scala/scala.

The first 10250 issues in this tracker were imported from JIRA. We made every attempt to preserve all data and metadata that's supported by the GitHub import API. Sadly, the author metadata could not be preserved directly.

Serious archaeologists can dig up the dusty skeletons of tickets 1-1299 from Aladdin.


Scala 2 bug reports only. Please, no questions — proper bug reports only.



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