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This repository

Additional code relevant to creating a scala distribution.

The Scala 2.11.x Distribution

This project morphs the "org.scala-lang" % "scala-dist" % $version maven artifact into a Scala $version distribution (zip, tar.gz, deb, rpm, and msi).

The following parts of this repo are not part of the distribution:

  • documentation/: the LaTeX version of the Scala Language Specification (we're moving to a Markdown-based spec);
  • tool-support/: a collection of editor configurations etc (looking for a maintainer/packager!);
  • bash-completion/: generates bash completions for the common scala commands (looking for a maintainer/packager!).

To build a distribution, run:

  • universal:package-bin - Builds the universal zip installer
  • universal-docs:package-bin - Builds the universal documentation zip
  • debian:package-bin - Builds the debian DEB file. Requires dpkg-deb
  • rpm:package-bin - Builds the yum RPM file. requires rpmbuild
  • windows:package-bin - Builds the windows MSI. Requires WIX 3.6 installed

Alternatively, the s3-upload task's mapping are configured based on the platform the installer is running on: on Windows, it builds the MSI; on another platform, it'll create and upload the other packages in the above list. (Use s3Upload::mappings for a dry-run.)

The version of Scala to package is derived from the most recent git tag, or you can specify it using -Dproject.version.

This packager only works for Scala 2.11 releases (starting with M8), as earlier ones did not publish the scala-dist artifact to maven.

Due to limited resources, the native packages are quite rudimental, and bash-completion/tool-support aren't packaged at all.

If you'd like to maintain any of these packages, please contact scala-internals, and we'll do our very best to support you!

Windows VM

  • install windows 7 professional N 64-bit, ensure network access to github
  • install oracle java 6 jdk
  • install wix v3.6 (reboot!)
  • download sbt launcher 0.13.1 from to c:\users\jenkins\Downloads
  • install git
  • configure the jenkins master's tool locations for
    • HOME
    • jdk path
    • git (path of git.exe)
    • sbt launch jar


Please read the Scala Pull Request Policy and sign the CLA.

The branching structure mimics that of scala/scala: master is the upcoming 2.11.0 release, and the 2.10.x branch is your target for 2.10.x features.

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