SBT project that packages the Scala distribution
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The Scala 2.12.x Distribution

This project morphs the "org.scala-lang" % "scala-dist" % $version maven artifact into a Scala $version distribution (zip, tar.gz, deb, rpm, and msi).

To build a distribution, run:

  • universal:packageBin - Builds the universal zip installer
  • universal-docs:packageBin - Builds the universal documentation zip
  • debian:packageBin - Builds the Debian DEB file. requires dpkg-deb
  • rpm:packageBin - Builds the yum RPM file. requires rpmbuild
  • windows:packageBin - Builds the Windows MSI. requires WiX 3.6

Alternatively, the s3Upload task's mappings are configured based on the platform the installer is running on. On Windows, it builds the MSI; on another platform, it'll create and upload the other packages in the above list. (Use s3Upload::mappings for a dry-run.)

The version of Scala to package is derived from the most recent git tag, or you can specify it using -Dproject.version.

This packager only works for Scala 2.11+ releases, as earlier ones did not publish the scala-dist artifact to maven.

Due to limited resources, the native packages are quite rudimentary. We welcome new maintainers!


If you're looking for the editor configurations that used to be in the tool-support directory, please see They were moved out because they no longer ship with the Scala distribution. (New maintainers are welcome on the scala-tool-support project!)

The specification also used to be in this repo -- it is now a part of the main repository over at scala/scala.

Windows VM

  • install Windows 7 professional N 64-bit, ensure network access to GitHub
  • install Oracle Java 6 JDK
  • install WiX v3.6 (reboot!)
  • download sbt launcher from to c:\users\jenkins\Downloads
  • install Git
  • configure the Jenkins master's tool locations for
    • HOME
    • JDK path
    • Git (path of git.exe)
    • sbt launch jar


Please read the Scala Pull Request Policy and sign the CLA.

The branching structure mimics that of scala/scala: branches for 2.11.x, 2.12.x, etc.