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TinTin++ is a Mud Client / Terminal Multiplexer / Shell scripting language
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  TinTin++ is a command line MUD client which features support for TELNET,
  PCRE, UTF-8, SSL, VT100, IPv6, the dynamic TINTIN scripting language,
  a comprensive trigger system, and several other features geared towards
  mudding, scripting, text processing, interprocess communication,
  redirection, and VT100 / xterm terminal emulation and multiplexing.


  You'll find answers to common questions in the FAQ and INSTALL documents. A
  brief introduction to using TinTin++ is available in the docs/tintin19.txt
  and docs/syntax.txt documents. The SCRIPTS document contains some useful
  example scripts.

  The NEWS document contains important announcements and a list of changes
  that impact backward compatibility with older versions. A more detailed
  list of changes can be found in the mods/igr.mods document.


  Easiest is to register on the forum linked from the website if you have
  questions about using TinTin++. If you need to get in touch with one of
  the contributors check the CREDITS file. 


  TinTin++ is licensed under GPL 3, see the COPYING file for details.


  Copyright 2004-2019 Igor van den Hoven


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