High level 2d game engine written in Haskell.
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odin-engine is a high level 2d game and application engine. It provides a number of composable GUI widgets and glue code to various useful libraries. It is written on top of reflex-sdl2, an FRP over SDL2.

batteries included

  • reflex-sdl2 provides the main loop and the control scheme is familiar FRP if you've used any reflex based hosts.

  • gelatin-sdl2 is the OpenGL/SDL2 rendering backend. It supports 2d rendering through colors and textures.

  • varying provides smooth FRP-based animation.

  • shapes provides a purely function 2d collision detection and physics system.


odin-engine depends on

You can install them with the following platform specific steps.

Mac OS X

Using homebrew...

brew install freetype
brew install sdl2


First install freetype2

apt-get install libfreetype6

The sdl2 bindings require an sdl2 install >= 2.0.4, or for special instructions to be followed. Assuming you're on Ubuntu >= 16.04, you can simply run

apt-get install libsdl2-dev

otherwise please visit the link above and install via their README.


Coming soon

building source

The easiest way to get up and running on the Haskell toolchain is to download stack. All of odin's projects are spec'd out with stack.yaml build files, so picking the correct versions of libraries is not needed if you follow the stack path.

git clone https://github.com/schell/odin.git

cd odin

If you just installed stack, run

stack setup

Go make some ☕ and then...

stack build

Drink your ☕, take a walk and then run...

stack exec mapMaker


I welcome any and all contributions. This means bug reports, pull requests or even donations through patreon. This game and engine will always be free.