Mie scattering of light off perfect spheres in python
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miepython is a Python module to calculate light scattering of solid spheres. Mie theory is used, following the procedure in given by Wiscombe <http://opensky.ucar.edu/islandora/object/technotes:232>

For examples and use cases, see test and doc folders

Installation via pip
   pip install miepython

Installation via github
Clone repository
   git clone https://github.com/scottprahl/miepython.git

Test by changing the miepython directory and doing
	nosetests miepython/test/test.py

Finally, add the miepython directory to PYTHONPATH 

To uninstall:
   pip uninstall miepython

For installation: setuptools

Required Python modules: numpy, matplotlib

miepython is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.