Use the Google Custom Search API from Python.
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Use the Google Custom Search API to search the web from Python.

This is by no means a finished library!

Quick start

from google_search import GoogleCustomSearch

SEARCH_ENGINE_ID = os.environ['SEARCH_ENGINE_ID']                           

api = GoogleCustomSearch(SEARCH_ENGINE_ID, API_KEY)

for result in'pdf', ''):

See these instructions (although the process wasn't completely the same):

1. Make a Google Custom Search Engine

2. Make a Google Cloud Console "Project" to get API key

  • Provides an API key - explained in the developer docs at

  • You need to enable access to Custom Search service

  • Allows separating billing for different projects, using the same custom search engine.

  • To view your quota, go to "APIs & auth" => "APIs" => "Custom Search API" => "Quota" at the top.

When you make a Cloud Project, you need to enable the "Custom Search API" feature.

To get an API key, go to "APIs & Auth" => Registered apps => Register New App => Web Application => Server Key


If you try and search across more than 10 sites (including "the whole web") you'll get results from a limited subset of the Google Index:

"""If your custom search engine includes more than ten sites, the results may be from a subset of our index and may differ from the results of a 'site:' search on"""