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Traveler isn't available on npm and doesn't look like it ever has been so I'm a bit confused why it's listed here as an example. If there are other screepers-maintained npm packages we could list them here as an example, but a cursory glance didn't turn any up.

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Screeps Typescript Starter

Screeps Typescript Starter is a starting point for a Screeps AI written in Typescript. It provides everything you need to start writing your AI whilst leaving main.ts as empty as possible.

Basic Usage

You will need:

  • Node.JS (10.x || 12.x)
  • A Package Manager (Yarn or npm)
  • Rollup CLI (Optional, install via npm install -g rollup)

Download the latest source here and extract it to a folder.

Open the folder in your terminal and run your package manager to install the required packages and TypeScript declaration files:

# npm
npm install

# yarn

Fire up your preferred editor with typescript installed and you are good to go!

Rollup and code upload

Screeps Typescript Starter uses rollup to compile your typescript and upload it to a screeps server.

Move or copy screeps.sample.json to screeps.json and edit it, changing the credentials and optionally adding or removing some of the destinations.

Running rollup -c will compile your code and do a "dry run", preparing the code for upload but not actually pushing it. Running rollup -c --environment DEST:main will compile your code, and then upload it to a screeps server using the main config from screeps.json.

You can use -cw instead of -c to automatically re-run when your source code changes - for example, rollup -cw --environment DEST:main will automatically upload your code to the main configuration every time your code is changed.

Finally, there are also NPM scripts that serve as aliases for these commands in package.json for IDE integration. Running npm run push-main is equivalent to rollup -c --environment DEST:main, and npm run watch-sim is equivalent to rollup -cw --dest sim.

Important! To upload code to a private server, you must have screepsmod-auth installed and configured!


The type definitions for Screeps come from typed-screeps. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, please open an issue there.


We've also spent some time reworking the documentation from the ground-up, which is now generated through Gitbooks. Includes all the essentials to get you up and running with Screeps AI development in TypeScript, as well as various other tips and tricks to further improve your development workflow.

Maintaining the docs will also become a more community-focused effort, which means you too, can take part in improving the docs for this starter kit.

To visit the docs, click here.


Issues, Pull Requests, and contribution to the docs are welcome! See our Contributing Guidelines for more details.