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scriptcs samples

This repository is a collection of scriptcs samples.

Note: to use samples that use HttpListener (Web API, ServiceStack, Nancy) you need to run CMD with elevation!

Installing scriptcs (easy path)

  • Install chocolatey
  • Install scriptcs using cinst scriptcs -pre -source ""

Installing scriptcs (dev path)

  • Clone the scriptcs repo at and change to the dev branch
  • Run the scriptcs build script build.cmd
  • Add 'src/scriptcs/src/scriptcs/bin/Release' to your path.

Running the samples

  • Change to the folder of the sample you want to run.
  • Install packages scriptcs -install
  • Run the app scriptcs start.csx

Submit your own!

We are always looking for new, interesting samples and use cases! Before sending a pull request with a new sample, please follow the below checklist:

  • Include packages.config if you rely on Nuget packages. Only include the top level packages.
  • Include describing what the sample is about, and how it should be used
  • Make sure the sample runs against the latest version of scriptcs dev branch

If, during the process of creating a sample, you encounter/discover any issues with scriptcs, please make sure to file an issue in the scriptcs repo. If you discover an issue with a current sample, file an issue in this repo


Want to chat about your sample? You can find us on:


All samples are available as Apache 2 License