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LiteBSD is variant of 4.4BSD operating system for microcontrollers. Currently, only Microchip PIC32MZ family is supported.

PIC32MZ is a MIPS32 processor with MMU with paging support, and 512kbytes of on-chip RAM. These resources are enough to run 4.4BSD.


Tutorials and guides:

Supported boards:

  • [chipKIT WiFire board](chipKIT WiFire board)
  • [Microchip Multimedia Expansion Board II](Microchip MEB II board)
  • [Majenko SDZL board](Majenko SDZL board)
  • [Citilab Whitecat board](Citilab Whitecat X1 board)
  • [Olimex EMZ64 board](Olimex EMZ64 board)
  • [Olimex HMZ144 board](Olimex HMZ144 board)
  • [SnadPIC MZ board](SnadPIC MZ board)

Technical docs: