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Upgrading existing instance

Sergey Chernyshev edited this page Mar 6, 2016 · 1 revision

Getting new code

From downloadable package

If you used downloadable packages, then you can just override all the code (except for config.php) and run make which will upgrade the DB schema.

From code repository

Just run


This will get the newest code from git repository and upgrade DB schema.

Upgrading database schema

ShowSlow uses DBUpgrade for schema upgrades which in turn uses MySQLi for DB connectivity which is not compiled into PHP by default so you'll have to enable/compile in MySQLi before being able to upgrade.

Upgrading without make

If you can't use make for some reason, you can just get new code package of use git to pull latest version:

git pull

and then from command line:

php dbupgrade.php
php users/dbupgrade.php

Version-specific notes

Upgrading to version 0.6

0.6 started to use SVN Assets project for static asset management which has a few requirements - please see [Caching for static assets using SVN Assets](Installation and configuration#Caching for static assets using SVN Assets) section in the documentation.

Since config.sample.php got a new required field there - $baseAssetURL. Simplest setup can be to add following line under $showslow_base definition in your config.php

$baseAssetURL = $showslow_base;