Monitoring linux server using arduino + ethernet module + LCD + PHP
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Arduino Linux Monitor Build Status

Monitoring linux server using arduino, ethernet module, LCD and PHP.




  1. An Arduino Uno
  2. A Linux server with php support (debian/nginx)
  3. Ethernet module (ENC28J60)
  4. EtherCard Library
  5. 16 x 2 LCD screen


  1. Download arduino sketch
  2. install EtherCard Library
  3. Configure the lcd pin connections
  4. Configure Ethernet module pin connections
  • VCC - 3.3V
  • GND - GND
  • SCK - Pin 13
  • SO - Pin 12
  • SI - Pin 11
  • CS - Pin 10
  1. Upload data.php to your web server
  2. update remote server IP address and path to php script in arduino sketch
  3. DHCP is enabled by default , You can set static IP for arduino if needed
  4. Connect the ethernet cable and upload the sketch to arduino
  5. Adjust the HTTP_HEADER_OFFSET value if the readings looks incorrect
  6. Use serial monitor for debugging


I have only tested it on my debian/nginx VPS , you may need to adjust the HTTP_HEADER_OFFSET value to remove any unwanted http headers.