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MySQL client for Node.js with focus on performance. Supports prepared statements, non-utf8 encodings, binary log protocol, compression, ssl much more.

Table of Contents

History and Why MySQL2

MySQL2 project is a continuation of MySQL-Native. Protocol parser code was rewritten from scratch and api changed to match popular Node MySQL. MySQL2 team is working together with Node MySQL team to factor out shared code and move it under mysqljs organization.

MySQL2 is mostly API compatible with Node MySQL and supports majority of features. MySQL2 also offers these additional features:


MySQL2 is free from native bindings and can be installed on Linux, Mac OS or Windows without any issues.

npm install --save mysql2

If you are using TypeScript, you will need to install @types/node.

npm install --save-dev @types/node

For TypeScript documentation and examples, see here.




Want to improve something in MySQL2? Please check for detailed instruction on how to get started.

To contribute in MySQL2 Documentation, please visit the Website Contributing Guidelines for detailed instruction on how to get started.