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## Issue Addressed


## Proposed Changes

Since we penalize more blocks by range requests that have large steps, it is possible to get requests that will never be processed. We were not informing peers about this requests and also logging CRIT that is no longer relevant. Later we should check if more sophisticated handling for those requests is needed

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Oct 22, 2020

Lighthouse: Ethereum 2.0

An open-source Ethereum 2.0 client, written in Rust and maintained by Sigma Prime.

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Lighthouse is:

  • Fully open-source, licensed under Apache 2.0.
  • Security-focused. Fuzzing has begun and security reviews are underway.
  • Built in Rust, a modern language providing unique safety guarantees and excellent performance (comparable to C++).
  • Funded by various organisations, including Sigma Prime, the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys and private individuals.
  • Actively involved in the specification and security analysis of the Ethereum 2.0 specification.

Like all Ethereum 2.0 clients, Lighthouse is a work-in-progress.

Development Status

Current development overview:

  • Specification v1.0.0 implemented, optimized and passing test vectors.
  • Rust-native libp2p with Gossipsub and Discv5.
  • RESTful JSON API via HTTP server.
  • Events via WebSocket.
  • Metrics via Prometheus.


  • April 2019: Inital single-client testnets.
  • September 2019: Inter-operability with other Ethereum 2.0 clients.
  • Q1 2020: lighthouse-0.1.0 release: All major phase 0 features implemented.
  • Q2 2020: Public, multi-client testnet with user-facing functionality.
  • Q2 2020: Third-party security review.
  • Q4 2020: Long-lived, multi-client Beacon Chain testnet
  • Q4 2020: Additional third-party security reviews.
  • Q4 2020: Production Beacon Chain (tentative).


The Lighthouse Book contains information for testnet users and developers.

If you'd like some background on Sigma Prime, please see the Lighthouse Update #00 blog post or


Lighthouse welcomes contributors.

If you are looking to contribute, please head to the Contributing section of the Lighthouse book.


The best place for discussion is the Lighthouse Discord server. Alternatively, you may use the sigp/lighthouse gitter.

Encrypt sensitive messages using our PGP key.


Lighthouse is an open-source project and a public good. Funding public goods is hard and we're grateful for the donations we receive from the community via:

  • Gitcoin Grants.
  • Ethereum address: 0x25c4a76E7d118705e7Ea2e9b7d8C59930d8aCD3b (donation.sigmaprime.eth).
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