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  • 32 channels, 2 M/s simultaneous, 16 bit: 1 Gb/s aggregate
  • AFE/DAC: from Stabilizer, maybe modified, similar bandwidth, range
  • Interface: single EEM (more EEM if there are pins and space)
  • Data/clock/LDAC masking on channels for intervals to suppress digital feedthrough
  • LEDs
  • no contention between configuration and data
  • Update rate on DAC masking: ~1 µs


  • HW specification/review/codesign/input
  • Phy layer of framed data at 1 Gb/s over multilane LVDS with slower return channel (1 EEM), serialization/deserialzation/framing
    • this sounds very much like channel link/camera link, TI serdes chips.
  • DAC interface: PLL for SPI bitclock, sample clocking, CLR, LDAC
  • Out-of-band configuration layer: configuration, LEDs, clocking, channel masking
  • RTIO channel design
    • baseline: 32x16 bit=512 bit DAC data events on existing kernel/DMA/DRTIO infrastructure
    • later: optimize DMA/Fastino-DMA/DRTIO/DDMA to achieve 2 M/s 512 b events
  • ARTIQ coredevice API
  • docs, examples, tests
  • CI
  • Option: Interpolator to 2 MS/s @ 32 channels


  • identify
  • set LEDs
  • TBD: tune clock skew?
  • set masked channels
  • submit DAC data (all channels)
  • later option: interpolation ratio
  • later option: 2D arrays of a configurable subset of channels at given sample rate
  • later option: per-channel sine generation (e.g. for tickling)
  • later option: per-channel offsets in gateware (e.g. compensate stray fields without re-uploading shuttling waveforms) or composing waveforms
  • later option: per-channel clipping/limiting in gateware
  • later option: dynamic/configurable sample clock alignment to below the DAC granularity, i.e. variable sample phase


  • Prototype serializer/deserializer on Kasli+Banker/Humpback
  • Measure RTIO/DMA/DRTIO throughput at 512b events
  • Hardware
  • DAC interface
  • RTIO components
  • Masking/configuration/version/identification channel
  • coredevice API

Link prototype

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