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GUI Components for (Java) Swing
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GC4S is an open-source library that provides a bioinformatics-oriented collection of GUI Components for (Java) Swing.

Projects using GC4S

  • S2P: an open-source application for processing of 2D-gel and MALDI-based mass spectrometry protein data.
  • DEWE: an open-source application for executing differential expression analysis in RNA-Seq data.
  • SEDA: an open-source application for processing FASTA files containing DNA and protein sequences.

GC4S modules

This repository contains the following GC4S modules:

  • gc4s: the main module containing the components library.
  • gc4s-genomebrowser: a module that depends on the gc4s module to provide an interactive genome browser.
  • gc4s-heatmap: a module that depends on the gc4s module to provide an interactive heat map visualization component.
  • gc4s-jsparklines-factory: a module that eases the creation of JSparklines renderers.
  • gc4s-multiple-sequence-alignment-viewer: a module that depends on the gc4s module to provide a multiple sequence alignments viewer.
  • gc4s-statistics-tests-table: a module that depends on the gc4s module to provide a statistical tests table.

Additionally, there is a *-demo module for each one of them containing examples of the usage of the components included in them.

Using GC4S

Add the following repository and dependency declarations to your pom.xml in order to use the gc4s module:

			<name>SING repository</name>

Examples of GUI Components

The following image shows the JHeatMap and JHeatMapPanel components. The JHeatMapPanel component uses a JHeatMap to display a heatmap from a given double matrix along with controls to allow zooming, changing gradient's colors and exporting the heatmap as image, among other functions.


The following image shows JFileChooserPanel, a component with a button to select a file (using a JFileChooser) and a text field that show the selected file. You have full control of how the underlying JFileChooser since you have can set file filters or choose the dialog mode.


These are just two examples of GC4S components. To see more, please, see the gallery section.


To cite GC4S in publications, please use:

H. López-Fernández; M. Reboiro-Jato; D. Glez-Peña; R. Laza; R. Pavón; F. Fdez-Riverola (2018) GC4S: a bioinformatics-oriented Java software library of reusable graphical user interface components. PLOS ONE. Volume 13(9): e0204474. ISSN: 1932-6203 DOI

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