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This repo is intended to contain solutions for <http://sortable.com/blog/coding-challenge/>.

To build solutions, simply run "make".

All solutions assume that the listings.txt and products.txt files are in the current directory.

All solutions write the final JSON to stdout.  Run like this:

./match > output.json
scala -classpath .:jackson.jar Match > output.json

== Requirements for the Haskell ==

The Haskell solution requires Text.JSON to be installed.  On Debian derivatives the package name is libghc6-json-dev

== Requirements for the Scala ==

The Scala solution requires a JAR file for Jackson (the Java JSON parser) in the top level called jackson.jar.  It also requires all the source code or class files from <https://github.com/codahale/jerkson> be at the top level.

== Status of Solutions ==

A program is never really "complete", and that is especially true of this problem.  I will probably for quite some time wake up with things to try that might improve precision or recall.