command line tool for working with singularity hub and singularity containers
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Singularity Python

Build Status

Singularity Python is a python module and command line tool for working with Singularity containers, specifically providing functions to visualize, package, and compare containers. Currently, most functions use Singularity on the command line, and some require sudo.

We currently require Python > version 3 to use various timezone functions. If you are unable to install version 3.0, we provide a Singularity.container for you to use instead. This is the recommended approach as some older versions of Python do not support generation of the timestamp. See the installation docs for your different options.


This code is licensed under the Affero GPL, version 3.0 or later LICENSE. Please see our complete docs

Help and Contribution

Please contribute to the package, or post feedback and questions as issues. For points that require discussion of the larger group, please use the Singularity List