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Web Tester

Web Tester is an automatic test tool for web applications. Automatically operate the browser according to the created test script.

  • You can create test scripts with non-programming.
  • You can also use test scripts recorded with Selenium IDE.
  • Evidence (screenshot and operation log) is created automatically for the screen operation executed.
  • Selenium and Appium are used for browser operation.

Notes: Running this application requires Java 11.

Quick Start


Use GUI tools to create test projects and test scripts. You can immediately try the included sample website and test script.

  1. Download jar file.
  2. Execute it by double clicking.
  3. Select a directory to create your test project.
  4. Select Sample Menu > Start to start sample web site and get sample test script.
  5. Select Test Menu > Run / Debug to start test.

If JNI error dialog occurs, may be using older version Java.
Open properties of "sit-wt-app.jar", change "Opens with" to "javaw.exe" of Java 11.


To run test scripts in the test project at once, use the CLI tool (Maven Plugin).


cd \path\to\testproject
mvnw verify
mvnw sit-wt:open-report


cd /path/to/testproject
./mvnw verify
./mvnw sit-wt:open-report


Web Tester is released under Apache License, Version 2.0.

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