Classic pacman with procedurally generated infinite vertical maze.
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Classic Pacman with procedurally generated infinite vertical maze.



I came across Eller's algorithm for maze generation, a few months back. Eller's algorithm creates a perfect maze, by generating next row, on basis of current row. Giving us ability to create maze with infinite rows.

Since then I have been toying with idea of creating a game around it. It wasn't until a few days ago that I finally decided to use Pacman as the basis for game. I had experimented with Ebiten 2D game engine a bit and this gave me a good opportunity to use it. For maze generation I slightly modified Eller's algorithm to create non-perfect mazes.


Using go get & without go modules.

$ go get -u
$ cd skatiyar/pacman
$ go get ./...
$ cd build/pacman #goto build dir
$ go build -o pacman main.go
$ ./pacman

Using git clone & go modules.

$ git clone
$ cd pacman/build/pacman #goto build dir
$ go build -o pacman main.go
$ ./pacman

Build gh-pages

Golang code is converted to JS by using gopherjs. Ebiten supports browsers by using webgl.

Note: Setup repo beforehand, as shown above.

To build just go code.

$ go get -u
$ cd pacman/build/pacman
$ gopherjs build --tags=pacman --output=pacman.js

To build gh-pages.

$ go get -u
$ cd pacman/build/pacman-pages
$ yarn install && yarn build

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move pacman.
  • Gain points by eating dots.
  • Ghosts try to chase player and on collision player looses a life.
  • Player starts with 5 lives and can have upto 7.
  • Collect diamond to increase lives.
  • Use flask to gain ability to destroy ghosts, ability lasts for 10 Sec & ghosts try to runaway from player.
  • Eating a running away ghost gives a bonus of 200 points.

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